A high-energy 5 piece Columbus Ohio cover band, playing popular genres of music - hiphop, classic rock, funk, pop & club/dance mix. The band features Howie on lead vocals, Fro Modee on bass, Brandon on drums, Adam on keys and Jeff on guitar and vocals. Perfect live music for any venue, Junkbox gets the party started everywhere - festivals, bars, weddings and any private event. With professional sound/pa equipment and a full lights, the show is always a crowd favorite, adding the punch and eye candy that keeps people talking, hoppin & rockin.

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HOWIE - lead vocals, expert website monitor
From his childhood days, Howie loved dancing around the house singing into his hair brush. From there he graduated to the shower, then the car and soon found his way to acoustic gig with guitarist Jeff. Now he is leading the way showcasing the best hiphop, pop, country, funk and rock tunes around Columbus.

JEFF - guitarist and vocals
From being the driving force behind Junkbox's creation to his mindblowing leads, Jeff is a true musician who we can't pry away from his guitars.

BRANDON - drum master
Drummer by day and night, Brandon beats his sticks like no one you've ever seen. Daylighting at Shadowbox Live, he makes his home at night on stage with Junkbox, driving the bus all night long.

FRO - bass, funkmaster
As a child, Fro slept with a pick in his hand instead of a teddy bear and traded in lullabies for metal and rap. He still turns away his binky for a bottle of beer. Seemingly innocent, this bass player packs a mean punch from his years of rocking.

ROY - Groovy Keys
A veteran of many great bands in the Cbus scene and a worthy addition to the JunkBox family!  Roy likes baseball too :)


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